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About AntiqueGunParts.com

Who We Are

We are an association of dealers, manufacturers, and collectors committed to the open exchange of parts for antique firearms. The vision of this site is to become the foremost exchange for antique gun parts in the entire world.

What We Do

Nearly everyone seriously involved with antique firearms has various odd parts "rat holed" against the possibility of finding the gun that needs them. Our objective is to eliminate the need to hoard those parts by providing a comprehensive selection of available parts and a means to precisely match those parts to your gun. Our patented Image Calibration feature permits you to view available parts as full size screen images or print outs. In addition to original parts, we offer high quality reproductions from the foremost suppliers in the world. In short, if we can't find the part for you, it isn't available!

New Technology meets Antique Guns

Antique firearm enthusiasts are confronted with two problems when trying to find parts: Locating the part in the first place, and determining whether the part will fit.

Antique Gun Parts uses new web based technology to address these problems. Our database contains high quality photographs of every part. The database can be searched by part manufacturer, original firearm make, part category, or any arbitrary phrase that might be contained in the part description.

Since many of our parts were hand-made or hand-fitted, it's critical to know the precise size of a part before you buy. To assist with this process, we've developed 'lifesize' technology. This novel technique allows you to view a precisely calibrated image on your monitor or printer before you buy.